Designer: Zavana Bridal

Designed for the extravagant bride who loves lace, Zavana Bridal is known for intricate details and a plethora of embellishment. A Zavana bride wants to be seen and make an impact.

Shifting the traditional notion of wedding gowns, Zavana Bridal introduces a new direction of luxury bridal fashion.

Zavana Bridal was created with the vision to make luxury gowns available to all women, transforming that dream dress into a reality. They believe that every bride is entitled to look and feel her most beautiful. Each gown is hand constructed from the finest materials, then embellished with exquisite lace and intricate beading. Immaculate attention is given to every detail ensuring the finest fit and comfort.

Perusing excellence in design and revealing impeccable craftsmanship, Zavana Bridal aims to create a gown that exudes beauty on a bride’s most special day.

Our Zavana Bridal gowns currently range from $2,100-$2,850.

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