A Guide to Wedding Dress Silhouettes: Finding Your Perfect Fit

Your wedding day, oh boy, it’s one of the biggest moments in your life, right? And the quest for the perfect wedding dress? Well, that’s just another exhilarating chapter in your wedding planning adventure! There’s quite a bit of stunning styles out there, and picking the one that does wonders for your bod is key. You want a dress that makes you feel like a million bucks and flaunts your finest features while being comfy enough to groove in. So, let’s dive into this guide and figure out which dress silhouette fits best with your unique shape.


Ball Gown

Perfect for: Pretty much everyone!

Ever dreamt of a fairytale wedding where you’re the princess? The ball gown’s your go-to! Think fitted top and a massive, twirl-worthy skirt – pure magic. It’s fantastic for hourglass and pear-shaped figures, cinching that waist and camouflaging any bottom-half worries. But if you’re on the shorter side, be careful – that poufy skirt can gobble up your frame!


Perfect for: All shapes and sizes!

The A-line’s a timeless classic, fitting beautifully on brides of all configurations. Picture a snug top that gently fans out, like an ‘A’. It accentuates your waist while skimming over your hips and thighs, creating that elegant balance. So, whether you’re curvy, straight, or somewhere in between, this silhouette’s got you covered. Petite? No worries, it’ll even make your legs look longer!

Mermaid and Trumpet

Perfect for: Hourglass figures and slender builds.

These silhouettes are your curves’ best pals. The mermaid’s like a second skin, hugging you from bust to knee before flaring out, a bit like a mermaid’s tail. The trumpet’s a tad more forgiving, starting the flare at mid-thigh. Both are superb for hourglass figures. But if you’re more on the apple side or have fuller hips, maybe give these a second thought.


Perfect for: Tall, slim gals and those hourglass babes.

Sheath dresses are all about simplicity and grace. It’s a straight, body-skimming cut that’s sleek from head to toe. Tall and slender? You’ll slay in this! Hourglass figure? You’ll rock it too. But if you’re looking to create curves or you’re a pear or hourglass in disguise, you might want to explore other options.


Perfect for: Mom-to-be brides and petite frames.

Empire-waist dresses have that high waistline right under your bust, flowing into a loose, comfy skirt. These are the comfiest for pregnant brides, giving space for a growing bump without sacrificing style. Petite brides? You’ll love how it adds a dash of height!

Tea-Length and Short Dresses

Perfect for: Chill, beachy, or vintage weddings.

For a relaxed, playful vibe, tea-length and short dresses are where it’s at. They’re fantastic for petite brides and those rockin’ the hourglass figure. Super comfy and just a touch vintage chic! But if you’re dreaming of a classic, formal affair, you might want to browse other silhouettes.

Picking the right wedding dress silhouette is your ticket to feeling like a million bucks on your big day. Remember, these tips are just the start. Your dress should make you feel like the stunning bride you are, regardless of your shape. Embrace your unique beauty, try on different styles, and let your dress amplify your natural charm as you strut down the aisle toward your happily ever after. You got this!

Year End Sample Sale

We are making space for our 2023 samples and discounting many of our sample dresses up to 80% off!

Dresses included in the sale range from $600-$2200 and sizes 8-22. Available gowns are first come, first serve and will be paid for in full and taken home the same day! If you are a bride with a modest budget and/or short timeline, make sure you book your appointment with us this December before the sale ends! Last day to shop the sale is December 31st.

Appointments are required and can be booked using our website or calling us at 979-459-2030.

Introducing Vanessa Alfaro

Vanessa Alfaro is a Bolivian/American designer based in California. She creates exquisite bridal and occasion wear designs that are all handmade using Haute Couture techniques. We are proud to be the first bridal store offering Vanessa’s gorgeous creations to our Texas brides. The possibilities are endless with the wide range of customizations Vanessa offers. Together, we can help create your perfect custom gown!

An important distinguishing skill Vanessa implements in her dresses are her custom lace and crystal patterns. These designs are one-of-a-kind and utilize a brand new technique referred to as “crystal infusion.” Gowns from her couture collection consist of hand-sewn crystals that will never tarnish. The quality of these dresses are unquestionable when viewed and held in person. The finished products are unique pieces of art, created to hug the silhouette with a flattering fit.

Our Vanessa Alfaro gowns will travel between our different locations. For a specific gown, please call ahead so that we can make arrangements to have it in-store for your appointment.

Vanessa’s gowns currently begin at $3,000 and couture crystal gowns begin at $10,000.


ÉLYSÉE Bridal Designer Event September 23-25

Have you noticed a flood of drop dead gorgeous gowns flooding our social media lately?

These are from our newest designer, ÉLYSÉE Bridal! It’s been a minute since we’ve hosted a designer event and we thought, what better brand to feature than our newest label?

This highly anticipated event will take place September 23-25 and function the exact same as any other bridal appointment except you’ll have the exclusive opportunity to browse the ENTIRE ÉLYSÉE collection all in one place! Oh, and did we mention they will all be 10% off?

This is event is by appointment only and openings are first come, first serve. Hurry to our appointment page to search availability and reserve your spot before they’re gone!

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Spring Sample Sale May 18-22

It’s that time of year again! We are doing some “spring cleaning” and saying goodbye to certain styles to make room for new inventory. Shop with us May 18-22 to find select sample gowns marked up to 70% off! We have about 4 sample sales per year and routinely rotate our inventory so these dresses are in phenomenal condition!

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Small Business Saturday Sale – November 27

We are excited to celebrate small business on November 27th by offering exciting discounts for one special day of shopping!

Appointments will be required to reserve a fitting room, private viewing area, and personal stylist. Brides will enjoy the following discounts as our way of saying “thank you” for supporting small business!

  • 10% off new gown orders
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Welcoming Badgley Mischka As Our Newest Designer!

We couldn’t be more excited to expand our gorgeous selection of gowns by adding Badgley Mischka Bride as our newest brand!

Mark Badgley and James Mischka have been hailed by Vogue as one of the “Top 10 American Designers” and as the darlings of the Hollywood set. The design duo has made their mark over the past two decades with glamorous, stylish and wearable evening wear and accessories.


Mark and James joined forces to launch Badgley Mischka in 1988 and since the beginning Badgley Mischka have captivated the fashion press and prominent retailers around the world with their sophisticated style that caters to a younger, more modern couture customer, without forsaking women of any age. They have remained true to this design philosophy and the consistent integrity of their collections. Their timeless designs appeal to a range of fashionable women, including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Garner, Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Mirren and Ashley Judd.


It comes as no surprise that the transition into bridal has been a seamless success. Their fashion-forward and figure-flattering styles capture the attention of of not only brides, but anyone who stumbles across their line while simply browsing the web.

Needless to say, with an average retail price of $3,500-$6,000, these gowns are not for the modest budget but the quality of materials and attention to detail speak for themselves. We are excited to expand our inventory in both College Station and Georgetown for brides wanting a more couture look.

What To Expect When Altering Your Wedding Gown

Let’s face it, wedding planning is full of twists and turns and now more so than ever with the unknowns brought on by COVID-19. Though the general idea is that the process should be fun and exciting, it is rare that this is the case 100% of the time.

Bridal alterations are no different. It is important to know what you should expect when altering your gown and how to deal with the emotions during such a critical part of the wedding planning process.

As a full-service bridal boutique with extensive experience altering wedding gowns, we want to make sure our brides are educated to lessen potential stressors along the way. Overall, the most important thing to remember is that we have your best interest at heart and our goals are the same as yours – for you to be the most beautiful bride in your perfect gown on the most important day of your life!

Below we are going to touch on 5 key points to keep in mind when altering your gown.

1. Altering is not an exact science

The point of alterations is to adjust your gown to improve the fit. It is rare that your measurements will line up perfectly with the bust, waist, and hip for a particular size. More often, you might be a size 4 in the bust, a 6 in the waist, and an 8 in the hips. Depending on the silhouette of the gown, your stylist will recommend the best size.

Alterations will be needed to take in areas that are too loose/tight. Depending on how many areas need adjustments, multiple fittings may be required to achieve the desired results. The key variable here is that when one area of the dress is modified, this may affect another area which might then also need adjusting.

It is impossible to always know exactly how a particular type of fabric or dress will change once an area has been altered. Therefore, more fittings might be needed than initially anticipated. There is no one solution for all gowns.

2. Have realistic expectations

When purchasing your gown, it is important to let your stylist know about any customizations you have in mind. While adding straps, removing mesh, and adding coverage to a neckline are typically easy adjustments, not everything is possible when customizing a gown.

For example, a dress likely cannot be made strapless if it has a low back and requires support by the straps to keep the top firm. Similarly, you may want the gown skin tight to your knees but be mindful that you might have trouble sitting down with a fabric that has little to no stretch. Always communicate your goals to your stylist for the best advice when purchasing your gown.

As women, many of us fluctuate in weight. This is why we wait until 3 months out to begin altering so that you have the best fit on your big day. It is however, important to note that major changes in weight can hinder the alterations process. Once alterations begin, you will want to do your best to maintain the same weight to minimize any inaccuracies.

While purchasing your gown is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning, altering the gown is typically when your stress is the highest. With the wedding only weeks away, it is completely normal for tensions to be high and this can carry over into your fittings. Remind yourself that our number one goal is your complete satisfaction and we won’t rest until that has been achieved.

3. Don’t be discouraged while the work is in progress

It is all too common that brides expect a finished look after one fitting. As mentioned above, most gowns require multiple fittings. It is normal to see your dress in an “unfinished” state when coming for a follow-up fitting.

Trust that your gown is never finished until you are 100% satisfied with the changes. Our seamstresses are very talented and follow a specific process that is designed to achieve the goals determined in the first fitting.

Having faith in the experts and coming into fittings without expectations will minimize unnecessary stress.

4. Make sure alterations are included in your budget from the beginning

On average, our brides pay $300-$800 for alterations. Unless you are buying a gown off-the-rack, it is impossible to know exactly what will need to be altered when your gown arrives.

Once you come for your first fitting (3 months before your wear date), we will provide you with a more specific estimate. Now that we’ve seen you in the dress and assessed a list of goals, we can provide an itemized breakdown with a high and a low for the total cost. Alterations will be paid for once the work has all been completed.

5. You are naturally going to be more critical than your guests

It is easy to get caught up in the idea of having the perfect wedding and along with that, the perfect dress. Try your best not to get hung up on minute details that likely will never be noticed. If something miniscule is unable to be changed, remind yourself that it will not effect your overall experience.

When you walk down the aisle, no one is looking for flaws. The only thing people see is a gorgeous bride in her gown and her incredibly lucky fiancé and the love they share.

Years down the road, you won’t be focused on what could have been better, but what a fun and perfect day you shared with the love of your life.


Five Costs To Consider When Saving For Your Wedding Dress

Choosing your wedding dress is an exciting experience that many dream of and plan for from a young age! The reality is that when saving for your gown, there are many other costs to be prepared for, besides the gown itself. Here is a list of five costs, beside the dress itself, to consider when saving up for your dream gown!

1. Alterations

When saving for your dress, setting aside some money for alterations is arguably just as important as the dress itself!  Altering your dress ensures that your dress will fit you perfectly, allowing you to be your most comfortable and confident self on your big day! Bridal alterations typically range between $300-$800, however, every situation is unique, so we encourage you to keep this in mind when saving up! Here at Coreena’s, we conveniently offer in-house alterations with an incredible team of seamstresses that are excited to work with our brides to perfect their dresses!

The most important take-away here is the sooner you purchase your gown, the less your alterations will cost. All of our designers allow us to order gowns with shorter lengths (which 95% of brides need). However, ordering a custom length gown usually requires longer production time. If your wedding is too close, you won’t be able to order a shorter length gown and will then need to hem the dress in alterations. This is easily the most expensive aspect of any bridal alterations, especially for dresses with a lace edge.

Because we want to minimize your alterations cost as much as possible, we always encourage ordering a custom length if possible. This is also why we call our brides before their visit to suggest they bring a pair of shoes similar in height to what they plan to wear on their wedding day. Solidifying little details like this early on can save HUNDREDS down the road when it’s time for alterations.

2. Customization

When looking at gowns, you may find one that is just about perfect, however, there may be something missing that would make this dress the one! While a lot of the dress-magic happens in alterations as previously mentioned, there are circumstances in which elements of a dress can be added or changed, for an additional charge, during the production of your gown. For example, this could be adding or removing rhinestones, shortening a train, creating sleeves, etc. Customization options vary between designers and dresses, with some even having to be approved by the designers themselves. It is always cheaper to customize your gown during the production process, rather than during your alterations. During your bridal appointment, our staff will always let you know if there is a possible customization that could benefit you!

3. Rush Fees

Because bridal gowns are custom made to order, they typically require 4-6 months to be produced, or sometimes up to 8 months with customizations. Some designers, however, offer rush delivery at an additional charge. At Coreena’s, we encourage our brides to purchase their wedding gown at least 9-12 months prior to the wedding. This allows our brides to have the largest selection of gowns, enough time for alterations, and to avoid any rush fees. However, if you have a shorter timeline, make your bridal appointment as soon as possible, and we will always work with you and do our best to help you stay within your budget!

4. Accessories

You’ve found your perfect dress, but now it’s time to accessorize! Veils, headpieces, and jewelry can transform a look and reflect your personality even more. In general, the more “simple-style” dresses are less expensive which leaves more room in your budget for jazzing it up with accessories!

To give you a general idea of cost, below is a breakdown of price ranges for each category we currently offer.

  • Veils: $81-$765
  • Shoes: $79-$275
  • Jewelry: $25-$150
  • Headpieces: $108+
  • Belts: $100-$500

While the cost of accessories can add up, at Coreena’s, we happily offer our brides 20% off of accessories upon first visit! All the more reason to utilize our stylists’ knowledge!

5. Preservation

For those who want to maintain the integrity of their dress in the future, wedding preservation kits are the solution! These kits will allow you to keep your dress in the best shape possible for years to come. You can purchase a preservation kit from us at any time for $275, and if you have any questions about the kits and how they work, our staff will gladly tell you more about it!

Here at Coreena’s, we want our brides to have a fun and seamless experience! Going into your bridal appointment with an understanding of the costs and commitment that comes with a wedding gown will allow you to have the most enjoyable experience. Our staff is fully committed to providing the best service possible, ultimately leading to the perfect dress, which is priceless!

Post Written By Bridal Stylist, Claire Shakesby

Photos by Thomas Ross Photography

Hair and Makeup by Naturally Flawless